Samsung Announces First Wi-Fi Enabled DualView Camera With Android Control

Samsung has announced its first DualView Camera capable of both Wi-Fi connectivity and Android control (via an Android device and the Samsung Remote Viewfinder app). The camera itself builds on the success of Samsung’s DualView technology and features a 1.5” front facing LCD screen, allowing subjects to view themselves and ensure you’re shooting their “best side.” There’s a lot of handy uses for the front facing LCD, such as child animations, which help keep children engaged and focused, allowing for that perfect shot. Samsung also introduces Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing the DV300F to:

  • – Email images.
  • – Upload images to social media sites including Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and YouTube.
  • – Images saved onto the camera’s microSD memory card, can be saved to a home PC without wires, by using the Auto PC Backup function.
  • – Store and share precious pictures from anywhere with Cloud backup services.

Now for the part everyone here cares about: Android control. With the DV300F and a compatible Android device, users can download Samsung’s Remote Viewfinder app from the Android Market. This app will allow you to remotely control your DV300F and perform various tasks such as:

  • – Watch a preview image from the DV300F Camera directly on your Smartphone/Tablet via Wi-Fi streaming.
  • – Control parameters; Timer, Flash and Photo-size.
  • – Focus on objects and Capture Photos in any position.
  • – Geo-tag photos with your Smartphone/Tablet GPS

We live in a day and age where mobile connectivity is almost a requirement, so it’s no surprise to see point-and-shoot’s adopting these features. It’s still a tough sell for the majority of us smartphone users who are now equipped with all the camera features necessary, making carrying around one less device that much more convenient.

via Wired