Rovio Updates Angry Birds With New Power-Ups, Bad Piggies Levels, And More

Sure, Rovio just announced its new Star Wars Angry Bird iteration, but they certainly haven’t forgotten about the OG Angry Birds that started it all. Today, Rovio has updated the original Angry Birds with a ton of new content. Chock full of new power-ups, this update includes 15 new Surf & Turf levels as well as 15 pig themed levels.

The new power-ups will help you conquer those difficult levels with items such as a Sling Scope, King Sling, Super Seeds, and more. Of course these items aren’t free and is just another way for Rovio to get us to open up our piggy banks. I’ll take the extra levels, but I’ll be skipping the extra in-app items.

I’m simply amazed at how far they’ve been able to stretch the life of this game and I’m actually curious to see how this Star Wars version comes out. If you haven’t updated yet, hit up your appropriate app market and grab the latest version of Angry Birds.