Cult of Android’s Shall We Play A Game: Win A $10 Google Play Gift Card

It’s no secret that I love Android. I spend countless hours talking about it, writing about it, and best of all — enjoying it. I mean, what’s the point if you’re not having fun… right? Well, I want to make sure everyone is having as good a time as I am and enjoying as much of the available content as possible. That’s why I’ve decided to start randomly giving away Google Play gift cards in Cult of Android’s “Shall We Play A Game?” feature.

Winning is easy and there will be plenty of chances. From now on, anytime you see the above “Shall We Play A Game?” image within a post, simply leave a comment in that post and share it on your favorite social network. I’ll pick one random winner the next day and email them a gift card redemption code. That’s it!

How often will we planting these images? That’s a secret. It could be once a week, twice a week, or once a month. You’ll just have to be on the look out. It’s one way for us to reward our loyal readers and contribute to the growing economy of the Google Play Store and the developers that keep it populated.

This post will mark the start of the games and I’ll be picking a winner tomorrow. Make sure your comments are linked to an email address so that I may contact you. I will reach out to the winner once, if I don’t hear back within a day, I’ll pick a new winner.

I won’t publicly announce a winner so if you don’t get an email, chances are you didn’t win. However, if you win, feel free to post a thanks on your favorite social network so others can see how easy it is.

We hope you enjoy the fun! Good luck and let the games begin!