Grab MEElectronics’ Sport-Fi S6 Earphone Workout Package For Only $32 [Deals]

If you live an active lifestyle and have trouble finding a pair of earbuds to stay put while you’re working up a sweat, then you might want to check out our next deal. For a limited time, you can pick up a MEElectronics Sport-Fi S6 earphone workout package for only $32. That’s a great price for a package that includes:

  • Memory Wire Solution – The S6 utilizes innovative memory wire design, which loops over-the-ear to help keep cables out of the way and your earphones locked in for a secure yet comfortable fit.
  • Modular Cable System – A modular cable system combats excess cable length. The included armband and shirt clips insure your music stays close to you. Not only can loose cables rip phones from your ear but they can be potentially dangerous as well.
  • Six Different Ear Tips – Six different types of ear tips ensure the fit in your ear canal will be comfortable and provide the best sound while blocking out external noise, enabling you to listen at quieter volumes and protect your hearing.
  • Enhanced sweat resistance
  • A neoprene sports armband
  • 3.5 mm Extension Cable
  • Shirt Clips (attached) x 2
  • Carrying Case with carabiner

Not bad for just over $30. While these earbuds are missing a few things such as audio controls, they’re still an affordable solution for anyone who’s looking for a quality pair of earbuds that won’t keep falling out of their ears.

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