AT&T Cuts Return & Cancellation Period In Half, Customers Now Only Have 14 Days To Decide

AT&T is once again hard at work trying to win that customer satisfaction award… said no AT&T board member ever. Those of you who have enjoyed having 30 days to decide whether or not your AT&T device or service is right for you, are going to have to cut your indecisiveness in half. Starting today, when you sign up for AT&T service or purchase a device on AT&T, you’ll have 14 days to return or cancel without being liable for an ETF (early termination fee).

The 14-day return window also applies to defective and DOA devices which can be replaced or refunded. Although consumers have 14 days to make returns, they will only have 3 days to make a return if they want to have any activation fees refunded to them.

It’s too bad they couldn’t shorten customer contracts in half — sorry, I just needed a good laugh.

You can read more about the cut in the below document that Engadget managed to get a hold of.