What Would Be Your Perfect Nexus?

The Nexus rumors have been gushing from every direction these past few days and we couldn’t be more excited. If everything we’ve heard pans out, we’ll see a new era of Nexus devices, with multiple OEMs no longer competing for Google’s approval, but for ours. We’ll soon be able to choose between Nexus devices of various specs made by various manufacturers. With that in mind, I’m now starting to think beyond the once important Vanilla Android experience and timely updates, and focusing more on want I’d like out of the hardware.

There are various hardware features I have simply passed over in favor of having a Nexus device. Things like HDMI out, external storage, and an IPS LCD with a higher ppi are all features I would love to have but don’t — because I prefer having the Nexus experience. Nothing is more true than with my Nexus 7 (a Nexus device I’d give anything to have external storage and HDMI out on).

We can also look at the flip side of things. I’m sure there are many people who would prefer a stock Android experience with less bells and whistles. Maybe you don’t need the top-end processor or higher MP camera but simply want stock Android.

It’s actually quite sad when you think about it. The only way to experience Android the way it was designed is to wait on a Nexus device and then deal with whatever hardware features that Nexus device offers.

Well, no more! Things are going to get more exciting and better for all and it’s only a couple months away. Personally, I will be passing on the LG Nexus — but only because I know other options are on the way. The specs of the LG Optimus G are pretty impressive but I’m not a fan of the design and now have the opportunity to wait to see what other manufacturers have to offer.

How about you? What would be your perfect Nexus and who would you like to see manufacture it?