Sony Reminds Us Why We Should Never Base Purchases Off Of Buzzwords Like “Water Resistant”

It appears Sony’s Xperia Tablet S isn’t as “splash proof” or “water resistant” as they claim. Those buzzwords are now coming back to haunt Sony as sales of the Xperia Tablet S have been halted due to a manufacturing flaw that actually makes the tablets susceptible to water damage. Quite the opposite of what they are touting.

Sony has also vowed to fix any of the tablets that have been sold within the past month (which isn’t many) and claims this setback won’t impact earnings (can’t really affect earning when there aren’t any *zing*).

This should serve as a reminder to both manufacturers and consumers: avoid buzzwords! You know damn well that water and electronics don’t mix — no matter the level of protection. Water will almost always find its way in, don’t be as naive to think otherwise.

If you happen to be one of the few who have actually purchased the Sony Xperia S, you might want to consider sending your device in for a fix.