Cubify Introduces Its Own Collection Of Bugdroid Collectibles

Last month, 3D printing company Cubify, appealed to our affinity for Android by introducing a custom Bugdroid creation webapp to their site. It’s really cool and allows customers to dive in and choose from a variety of customizations to create their very own personal Bugdroid collectible. If you’re not really the creative type or feel the price of a custom Bugdroid is just a little too steep, you can now choose from one of Cubify’s own set of 25 3D-printed Bugdroids.

There’s a variety of characters to choose from, with themed Bugdroids ranging from Comics Bugdroid to Movies Bugdroid. You’re sure to share a common characteristic with one of these crafty characters, plus, they’re a bit cheaper than creating your own. At $21.99, they’re still not the cheapest Bugdroid collectible you can buy, but they’re certainly unique and accessory rich.

If you’re interested in any of these cute little buggers, you can hit up the link below and get started on your Cubify Bugdroid collection. You can also try your luck at Cubify’s current Twitter contest. Simply follow @Cubify and keep an eye out for instructions as they give away 1 Bugdroid a day for the next 25 days (23 now).

So, which is your favorite? I’m liking the Movies Bugdroid and the Lucky Bugdroid.