Zaxxon Escape Marks A New Chapter In A 30 Year Old Classic

After 30 years (and a mountain of quarters), SEGA has unleashed the next chapter of the hit classic Zaxxon. Now that you’ve defeated the evil Zaxxon, it’s time to shoot and tilt your way past Zaxxon’s evil army as you try to escape the collapsing asteroid base. This modern sequel to an everlasting classic features:

  • INFINITE GAMEPLAY EVOLVED – Swipe your desired direction, blast away force fields with missiles and tilt your device to steer through obstacles
  • POWER UP YOUR SHIP – Use in game currency to activate Power Ups and Level Ups. Auto Pilot and Light Speed Boost give you a head start. Initiate a Cloaking Device to help shield your ship from destruction. Use Tractor Beams to attract all the Z-coins you encounter.


  • Complete over 30 game objectives
  • vRace as optional ships available for upgrade

“Zaxxon represented some unique firsts for SEGA, as well as for the industry. No game before had given such a true sense of real, three-dimensional flight,” said Chris Olson, Vice President of Digital Business at SEGA. “We’ve continued that tradition with beautiful 3D graphics and combined them with easy to pick up controls and hard to put down gameplay. I hope everyone really enjoys the result!”

Unlike the original, it will only cost you four quarters to enjoy Zaxxon Escape (assuming you don’t make any in-app purchases) on Android or iOS, so hit your change drawer and pick up where you left off 30 years ago.