The Weekend Is Over: What You Might Have Missed

Monday is here… *sigh*. While you were busy trying to accomplish every “to-do” relax over the weekend, a few stories developed that you may have missed. I’ll briefly round-up a couple bits of information here for you to catch up on and then let you get back to enjoying your Blue Monday.

Motorola Comes Clean, Announces No Ice Cream Sandwich Update For Atrix 4G, Photon 4G, And Electrify

Motorola certainly didn’t make any new friends with this bit of news. It’s really a shame because we all know they could have updated these devices despite what they say. Unfortunately Atrix 4G, Photon 4G, and Electrify users are being abandoned and thus forever stuck to roam the world on Gingerbread. My guess is there will be a lot of rooting going on over the next week; that, and you can bet your ass Motorola just lost a whole market of future customers. Bad Motorola!

Motorola Mobility continues to review how each device can deliver the very best experience possible, and at times, this can mean making tough choices – especially as it relates to Android software upgrades. Today, we need to let you know about some tough choices related to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades. Specifically, ATRIX 4G, Photon 4G and Electrify will not receive the ICS upgrade, but continue to be supported with maintenance releases to ensure optimum performance for the consumer.

We are committed to being more transparent than ever on our software upgrade strategy – even when we’re delivering news consumers may not want to hear. We are doing everything possible to continually improve our communication with you and make sure you are a satisfied customer. That’s why we recently announced our $100 rebate program for owners of these and other devices launched in 2011 and beyond that won’t get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This program starts in the U.S. this fall, and we are working to expand it to select regions around the world. Please watch for updates at


Sony NSZ-GS7 (Google TV) Users Can Now Download Google Play Movies & TV

A Google TV without Play Movies & TV support? Sounds crazy but it was absolute truth up until a few days ago. You’d think the one thing a Google TV could do is play movies and TV. Well, now it can. So if you own a Sony NSZ-GS7 make sure to head over to the Play Store and download the app so you can start enjoying movies and TV on your, umm… TV.


Samsung Galaxy Note II Variants Pass By The FCC On Their Way To The U.S.

We’re expecting to see the U.S. variants of the Galaxy Note II announced this month in NYC and if you needed any further proof, look no further than the FCC. Three carrier variants popped up looking for approval before heading our way. Of course each carrier will have to bastardize it to make it seem unique, but overall, they should all still resemble the Galaxy Note II (just don’t be surprised if the Verizon model has a big Verizon logo plastered on the “Home” button.”)


Verizon Approves Ice Cream Sandwich For The Motorola XYBOARD 8.2

I’m guessing there’s a very small amount of Verizon XYZBOARD 8.2 owners out there, but if you happen to be one, you’ll be happy to know Ice Cream Sandwich is on the way. Its Wi-Fi only brother already received the update back in August so the 8.2 family should all be on ICS soon.

I’d love to know how many people actually own one of these?

The U.S. Fate Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Once Again Rests In The Hands Of Judge Koh

The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is giving the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 another chance here in the US. Ultimately the decision will rest in the hands of Judge Koh, who the Federal Circuit has asked to reconsider Samsung’s motion to dissolve the injunction against it.

This, of course, all stems from the more recent jury ruling that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 does not infringe on the design patent upon which the injunction is based. Whether or not Judge Koh will lift the ban is anyone’s guess, but does it even matter? I say “no” on the basis of sales, “yes” on the basis of principle. Just goes to show how screwed up this whole patent mess really is.