Google And ASUS Rumored To Be Releasing A $99 Nexus 7 By The End Of The Year

Here’s an interesting rumor. Purportedly ASUS and Google are working on two new versions of the Nexus 7, both of which will be thinner and launch by the end of 2012. If that bit of information doesn’t get you excited, how about the rumor that one of these purported tablets will only cost $99? Say what?!

That’s right, according to “sources,” one model will cost $199 and the other $99. That’s an incredible price, but we have to ask ourselves “at what cost?” Meaning, what will be sacrificed in terms of hardware to maintain such a low price? Or does Google simply plan on taking a loss to maximize sales in hopes of making up the lost revenue via the Play Store or advertisements?

No one knows the specifics, or if the rumor is even true, but a $99 Nexus 7 tablet just sounds to good to be true. There has to be some sort of catch (perhaps a 3G subsidized model). I guess we’ll just have to wait to see how this one pans out.