Is ShadowGun Deadzone Finally Ready For Its Cross-Platform Multiplayer Launch?

It’s been nine months since Madfinger Games teased a multiplayer version of its hit title ShadowGun. An early build of the game was demoed at CES back in January along with a YouTube video showing off some in-game footage. A few lucky CES attendees received some hands-on with the game and MadFinger Games claimed a Q1 launch. Well, Q1 has long since passed with no sign or word on the future of ShadowGun Deadzone. That was until today.

A ShadowGun Deadzone title image popped up on MadFinger Games’ Facebook page today, depicting what appears to be a multitude of characters and weapons to be featured in the upcoming release. I guess we can feel confident that they still plan on releasing the game and perhaps sometime soon.

ShadowGun Deadzone is slated to be a freemium cross-platform multiplayer version of ShadowGun which will be its own standalone game download. It’s expected to be released on Android and iOS at around the same time and feature 3-4 different maps, eight characters, and 12 customizable weapons. There will be a variety of items and gadgets including hand grenades as well as customizable characters.

The game is also expected to feature typical profile rankings, unlockables, skins, etc., which will be safely stored on the MadFinger servers.

There’s been no information on why the game has been delayed up until now, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it won’t be much longer.

Here’s the old footage released back in January, but we’re assuming there have been many improvements since then.