Barnes & Noble To Begin Selling Digital Movies And TV Shows Via NOOK Video This Fall

Barnes & Noble is looking to spruce up its digital content offerings with Nook Video this fall. Nook Video will offer an easy way for users to buy movies and TV shows directly from the NOOK Store and have them stored safely and securely in the NOOK Cloud. From there, users can watch them on their NOOK, as well as a multitude of devices offering the soon-to-be-released NOOK Video app. Users will also be able to enjoy purchased UltraViolet-enabled movies and TV shows on their devices thanks to UltraViolet account integration with NOOK Cloud.

“As one of the world’s largest retailers of physical video discs and digital copyrighted content, our new NOOK Video service will give our customers another way to be entertained with a vast and growing digital video collection, as part of our expansive NOOK Store,” said William J. Lynch, Chief Executive Officer of Barnes & Noble. “The launch of our new digital video service with our long-time studio partners allows us to bring award-winning current and classic movies, TV shows, documentaries and more to millions of customers’ screens, coming soon.”

NOOK Video will have plenty of content thanks to partnerships with major studios including HBO, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, STARZ, Viacom and Warner Bros. Entertainment, and Walt Disney Studios.

NOOK Video is set to launch in the US this fall and then make its way over to the UK for the holidays. I’m not sure how well the service will fare beyond NOOK customers, but at least it’s one more option for those looking to expand their digital movie library.

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