There’s Only Room For One Kid At This Playground: Fuhu Inc. Sues Toys ‘R’ Us Over Kid-Centric Tablet

Think of the kids!

It appears kid-centric tablets have become the next victims of IP litigation thanks to a recent court filing by Fuhu Inc., creators of the 7-inch Nabi tablet. Fuhu has filed suit against Toys ‘R’ Us, claiming breach of contract, trade-secret misappropriation, trademark infringement, and more. This all seems to stem from a previous agreement between Toys ‘R’ Us and Fuhu in which Toys ‘R’ Us was given exclusive rights to sell Fuhu’s 7-inch kid-friendly Nabi tablet.

According to Fuhu, Toys ‘R’ Us violated the terms of their agreement by neglecting to promote the Nabi. A claim that coincidentally didn’t pop up until Toys ‘R’ Us decided to create their own kid-centric Tabeo tablet. The tablets are extremely similar, not just in appearance (see photo above), but also in specs.

As you can see, both the Nabi 2 and the Tabeo are 7-inch WiFi devices, both feature a drop-safe bumper and both run Android 4.0.

While the Nabi 2 is a bit more impressive (in terms of specs), the Tabeo is $50 cheaper and has the marketing backing of Toys ‘R’ Us — so you can see why Fuhu might be a tad bit upset.