How Would You Like To Win A Pandora One Subscription For The Rest of Your Life? [Giveaways]

Boy have we got a contest for you. Ever hear of Pandora Internet Radio? Of course you have. It’s the music streaming service that allows you to create personal radio stations filled with the music you love. Ever hear of Pandora One? It’s the premium version of Pandora that gives you extra features such as no ads, higher quality audio, custom skins and more! What if I told you we were giving away a free subscription to Pandora One — for the rest of your life!? Not a bad deal huh?

Winning a Pandora One subscription for life is simply one of those gifts that just keeps on giving (much better than the Jelly of the Month club). Entering is easy and only requires visiting our Deals Page and a Facebook connection. You’ll also have the chance to earn additional entries for simply sharing this contest with your friends.

Pandora One for life is valued at over $3,000 and gives you all the benefits of Pandora Internet Radio plus:

  • No Ads – Pandora One is completely free of any sort of advertising. No audio ads, no visual ads. It’s just you and your music.
  • Higher Quality Audio – When listening on the web, experience music at 192K bits per second. More bits means better sounding audio.
  • Desktop Application – With the Pandora One Desktop Application, you can play your PANDORA stations right from your desktop – without even needing to open a web browser. For Mac & Windows. (Requires Adobe Air 1.5.1 and Flash
  • Custom Skins – Surround the Pandora player in your browser with one of our custom “skins” that will make the look of PANDORA as personalized as our music.
  • Fewer Interruptions – Listen for up to five hours in a row without interacting with Pandora at all. Just turn it on and let it go. Every time you interact the timer is reset – so just one click around lunchtime can get you through an entire work day.

This is one contest you won’t want to pass up, so head on over to our Deals Page and get started. You have until October 30th to get as many entries in as you can, so get going and good luck!