Series 03 Android Mini Collectibles Go On Sale This Monday

The teases keep coming, only this time, we now have an official date of launch for the highly anticipated Series 03 Android Mini Collectibles. As you can see from above, Dyzplastic teased another two mini collectibles: Clear and Red. The Clear comes with a mini-mini Android collectible within his belly while the Red is, well… red.

Both of these new additions were designed by Google and both — along with the entire set — will be available for purchase this Monday (Sept. 24) at 11am EST. They’ll go on sale over at the Dead Zebra shop first and then make their way out to various retailers across the globe.

If you haven’t started collecting these amazing mini collectibles yet, there’s no better time to start. Plus, you could even win one of your very own Series 02 mini collectibles simply by entering our Swag Sundays contest. But act fast as there’s only one day left.

Now shut up and take my money!