Family Guy Along With 600 Other Twentieth Century Fox Titles Coming Soon To Google Play

If there’s one thing we could always use more of, it’s Stewie. Thankfully, Google has inked out a deal with Twentieth Century Fox to bring Family guy as well as 600 other titles to Google Play and YouTube. We’re not exactly sure when they will start appearing in the Google Play Store, but we know they will first launch in the U.S. and then make their way to other markets.

To kick off this celebration, users will be able to get first dibs on purchasing the new Prometheus in HD (three weeks ahead of the Blu-ray, DVD and video-on-demand release). It’s supposed to be available today but I haven’t seen it hit the Play Store just yet. You can grab it HERE.

It’s nice to see more content being added to the Google Play library, I’m only hoping they’ll let us buy these titles instead of simply renting them (something users would much rather do). So keep your eyes out for Stewie and gang, they should be invading your Play Store very soon.