Gameplay For Rovio’s Bad Piggies Exposed In Latest Teaser Trailer

It looks like those little green hamlets have been filling their noggins with all sorts of engineering tidbits. Armed with nothing more than a few spare parts and ingenuity, these Bad Piggies are set to take off and conquer Android, iOS, PC and Mac come September 27. Rovio has teased us once or twice already, but this is the first time we get to see the actual gameplay of this upcoming Angry Birds spin-off.

The game mechanics appear to blend the physics flying acrobats of Angry Birds with the contraption building puzzle solving of Amazing Alex. I liken these Bad Piggies to the early Wright Brothers — if the Wright Brothers had an insatiable appetite for eggs.

I’m not sure if Bad Piggies has was it takes to reach the star studded status of their angry avian adversaries, but we’ll find out soon enough.