BodyGuardz Brown With Silver Moxy Earbuds Now Only $35 [Deal Alert]

If you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight pair of quality earbuds to replace the half eaten ones you have now, then you’ll want to take a look at the Moxy earbuds from BodyGuardz. If you head over to our Deals page, you’ll find the brown with silver Moxy earbuds on sale for just $35. That’s 50% off regular retail and includes tax (except for Utah residents) and shipping (within the CONTINENTAL United States)!

The Moxy earbuds also come with a mic, for those times when you feel like talking. You’ll also find each package to include:

  • Moxy earbuds
  • Zippered hard case
  • Clip
  • earjax sticker decals
  • Multi-tip fit kit:

    – S,M,L, standard tips
    – S,M, L, transparent
    – Med. three-tiered tips

The Moxy series earbuds will be music to your ears as well as your wallet. Be sure to check out their specs below and then head over to our Deals page to pick up your very own pair today. Cheers!

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