Apple Awakens From Cryogenic Sleep, Finally Catches Up With The Rest Of The Mobile Industry

Man, oh man. At least now we know why Apple has been on such a legal crusade. They’ve got nothin’. I just finished watching the iPhone 5 unveiling and boy was it a bore fest. It’s as if Apple awoke from a cryogenic sleep and is finally embracing the year 2012. Almost nothing was innovating and the majority of new iPhone 5 features have been implemented in other mobile phones for years. Seriously Apple, is that it?

Let’s take a look at the list of features Apple is finally catching up on and then try not to pity the Apple users who are just now getting them and who probably won’t see any others for at least a year or two.

  • A 4-inch display (Apple finally got some big boy hands)
  • A fifth-row of icons (Amazing!)
  • LTE (Welcome to 2012)
  • Shared Photo Streams (Hey Sammy, have anything to say about this?)
  • “But perhaps the most amazing new feature in the iPhone 5 is called panorama.” (SMH)
  • Take photos while shooting video (*cough* Android 4.0 *cough*)
  • Turn-by-turn Navigation (No way, they finally did it!)

Those were just a few of the “new” features iPhone 5 users will have the pleasure of finally enjoying. There’s plenty of other kanged features such as automatically sending an SMS back when you can’t take a call, that we can talk about in another article.

I almost (I said almost) feel bad for Apple. Then I’m reminded that there are literally millions of people out there willing to throw their money at them simply because.

Welcome to 2012 Apple, see ya next year.