Google To End Prepaid Card Support For Google Wallet On October 17

Google has begun sending out email to let Wallet users know that as of September 17, they will no long be able to add funds to their Google Wallet prepaid cards. In fact, by October 17, the Google prepaid cards will be discontinued altogether. That gives you a little over a month to either spend the remaining balance you have or request a refund.

At first, Google Wallet had very limited card support, therefore the prepaid card made sense. Now that users are able to add their own debit and credit cards, Google feels it’s time to do away with the prepaid card. I don’t blame them, and I, myself, have been using a debit card ever since they added support for it. The important thing for users to pay attention to now is whether or not they have a balance.

To check if you have a balance on your Google prepaid card, simply tap on the Google prepaid card when in the Google Wallet app. If you do have a balance, you’re going to want to hurry up and use it, otherwise you can request a refund by visiting