Developer Editions Of The RAZR M And RAZR HD Added To Motorola’s Bootloader Unlock Program

When Motorola announced its new lineup of RAZR devices, everyone was happy to hear they would also be releasing “developer editions” for those who enjoy tinkering. It was safe to assume these would of course be unlocked devices, but with Motorola you never know. Only now, we do know. Motorola has gone ahead and added the Developer Editions of both the RAZR M and RAZR HD to the list of supported devices over at their Unlock My Device page.

That’s good news and brings a sigh of relief to anyone who was worried that their Developer Edition device would not be so developer friendly. Pre-orders for the Developer Edition RAZR M have already begun and will run you $549.99, while the Developer Edition of the RAZR HD has yet to go live.

All you tinkerers out there can find more information by hitting up the source link below.