Treegloo’s Handcrafted, Eco-Friendly Cases Are A Posh Fit For Your Nexus 7 [Review]

On my quest to find the perfect Nexus 7 case, a suggestion from a reader led me to a design company called Treegloo. It became apparent right away that this company cared immensely about their product. Each of their cases is handcrafted using only the best eco-friendly raw materials manufactured in the US. Couple that with a plethora of design options and you’ve got yourself a protective case to be proud of.

Treegloo was kind enough to provide me with a Nexus 7 case to review, so I’ll dive in and show you guys what these cases have to offer and what you might or might not like about them. From there, you can visit their website at and get all the information you need for ordering your very own.


  • Quality & Sustainability – Specialized craftsman oversee every step in Treegloo’s building process and pride themselves on using components that are certified, recycled and have low ecological impact.
  • Function, Strength, and Access – Treegloo frames are designed to provide full functionality of your device. Their signature port reliefs are designed to allow access to all of the device’s buttons. Each frame is equipped with either a microfiber suede accent or high strength rubber grips, both of which provide a secure hold on your device, giving you, peace of mind.
  • Smart Cover Functionality – A small magnet on the front cover automatically puts your device to sleep when closed, and wakes your tablet when open.
  • Options, options, options – Treegloo offers a slew of customizations to make your case as unique as you:

    – 10+ cover colors
    – 27 interior designs
    – 6 frame finishes
    – 4 closure options
    – Elastic color options
    – Strapless Magnetic closure
    – Kinetic Latch
    – And more!

  • Personalization – Treegloo offers everything from full custom interiors, exteriors, and outer cover embossing.

The Good

Simply opening the package your Treegloo case comes in is enough to fill you with pride and affirmation that you made a wise purchase. You get a nice little certificate with the Treegloo pledge as well as a card outlining all of the fine craftsmanship that went into making your individual case. It’s a great feeling, and one you don’t often get in today’s world of cheap, disposable imported products.

The case itself is well constructed and very sturdy. The cover is made of a soft faux leather that simply feels divine. The Treegloo case is a bit larger than the DODOcase I reviewed, and slightly heavier, but that’s because it includes a wooden frame to hold and protect your device (something I wish the DODOcase had).

You’ll find plenty of cutouts in the frame accommodate all your ports, and they even add a little artisan flare with their unique designs.

The particular model I had for review used rubber cutouts in each corner to hold my Nexus 7 in place, and let me tell you, it wasn’t going anywhere. I also had the kinetic latch which keeps the case closed as well as doubling as a support system when turning the case into a stand.

You can fold the case and position it for comfortable typing, and it also comes with an embedded magnet to activate the wake/sleep feature on the Nexus 7.

While this was a basic review unit, the amount of customization and personalization Treegloo offers is simply fantastic. You can go as plain as you’d like or as bold as your mother-in-law’s wardrobe.

The Bad

Nothing is perfect, right? While the Treegloo case is extremely well built, and has many great features, it is not without its faults.

Remember when I told you the soft faux leather cover felt divine? Well it does, but it also feels a bit too smooth and slippery. Not that big of a deal but worth noting.

I also talked about how well the frame kept my device in place. Well, it was a tighter fit than I would have preferred. I actually had to put quite a deal of pressure on my Nexus 7 to get it flush — something I was a bit uncomfortable doing. A couple times I felt like I was going to break the screen. Hopefully it will wear with time and make for a smoother fit. It’s also worth it to note that the rubber corners aren’t the only option for holding your device and Treegloo does encourage anyone unhappy with the fit to contact them and they will make it right.

On to my least favorite feature of the Treegloo case — the kinetic latch. If you don’t need to use your case as a stand I highly recommend avoiding the kinetic latch and going with the elastic. It’s not that the kinetic latch is a bad idea, it’s just how Treegloo designed and implemented it.

First off, the kinetic latch is free moving — meaning it’s not attached to anything and can be pulled out or pushed in (with only a small metal rod to stop it from coming completely out. They purposely designed it this was so that you could pull out the latch in order to transform your case into a stand and then push it back in when you need to use it to close the case. So why is this a problem? I’ll tell you why.

The band the latch is attached to lays directly underneath your tablet. If you have your tablet pushed down too far, you’ll find it difficult to pull or push the latch. Not only that, but the small metal rod will eventually scuff up the back of your device thanks to constant friction.

In addition to that, the latch itself has protruding metal edges, which when attached to a freely waving band is a recipe for disaster. One unintended whip and those metal edges could easily come crashing into your screen. As I said before, I would recommend against the kinetic latch (which is not to be confused with the sleep/wake magnet).

Hopefully Treegloo will consider changing their current design in favor of something metal free and easier to use.


Overall, the Treegloo case for the Nexus 7 is posh, durable, and refined. The craftsmanship, eco-friendly materials, and personal attention that go into making each case will give you pride of ownership. You’ll feel extremely safe knowing your Nexus 7 is encased in a strong protective frame, and with all the options available, you’ll be able to create a unique case to complement your unique personality.

The Treegloo Nexus 7 cases start at $34.95, which is on par with its competitors. Treegloo’s commitment to its customers is priceless and ensures you are completely happy with your purchase. Other than the few caveats regarding the kinetic latch, you can feel confident knowing you’ll get a quality product from Treegloo.

Overall, I give the Treegloo case for the Nexus 7 a solid 4.5 stars out of 5.

To see the case in action, give the video below a look and then head over to to learn more.