Motorola Promises $100 Back If They Don’t Upgrade Your Smartphone To Jelly Bean

Let me start by saying the details on this offer are very sketchy and all the information has yet to be posted. With that said, let’s see what Motorola is promising this time. Motorola is promising to bring Jelly Bean to all of its smartphones released for sale in 2011 or greater (U.S. sold smartphones only). If they fail to update your device to Jelly Bean, they will give you $100 back when you trade in your old Motorola smartphone and purchase a select new one.

So to better confuse you, we’re not sure if this means any old Motorola smartphone, or any 2011 or greater Motorola smartphone. Plus, we have no idea what date Motorola has to update your phone by before you can be offered this deal. Do they have until the end of this year, next year, or until eternity?

Like I said, a lot of sketchy details, but at least Motorola is heading in the right direction — even if they just announced 3 new devices, none of which are running the latest version of Android.

Anyhow, we’ll be sure to update you with information as soon as it gets posted. Until then, you can hit up the source link below.