Android’s Next Iteration To Include Face Unlock For Multiple User Accounts?

Google has just been awarded a patent on what I can only assume will be a future feature of Android. The new patent expands on Face Unlock, allowing users to set up separate user accounts and access them via Face Unlock. It’s quite brilliant and would allow multiple users to share a single device without their account or preferences being compromised.

The first time I saw this feature, was actually in the Project Chameleon Demo and I couldn’t help but wonder why Google hadn’t already given us such a system. Now it looks like they will, and somehow I now feel sad for Teknision and their Chameleon UI (hopefully Google doesn’t turn into an Apple).

This is one feature my family sure could use. I’m most excited about the separate user accounts — the facial recognition is just icing on the cake. Hopefully we’ll see this feature baked into Key Lime Pie or maybe even a future Jelly Bean update. Either way, I’ll be anxiously awaiting it.