HTC Thunderbolt And Incredible II Both Get The Unlock Treatment Over At HTCdev

When it comes to unlocking bootloaders, HTC has been on a roll. We recently reported the news of HTC allowing for all devices launched after September 2011 to be unlockable, and now, it seems they are adding more pre-Sepetmeber 2011 devices to their long list of supported devices. An unprecedented gesture of developer support if you ask me.

HTC has gone ahead and added the Icredible II and Thunderbolt to its list of supported devices over at, and both are now unlockable per HTCdev instructions. This is great news for those HTC users concerned that their pre-September 2011 devices were going to take a back seat, and shows the committment HTC has to supporting all devices, old and new.

If you are interested in unlocking your HTC device’s bootloader, head on over to and follow their instructions.