Sprint Starts “Say No To Sharing” Campaign Against Shared Data Plans

It’s no secret that many of us aren’t fans of the new shared data plans being offered by Verizon and AT&T. Worse are the tactics these carriers are using to all but force us into the new plans. Consumers aren’t the only one’s disappointed, as Sprint and T-Mobile both discourage the practice and prefer to stick with the assumption that users enjoy having unlimited data with no fear of overages. Why should anyone have to pay a premium to see their data capped and divvied up between their data hungry family?

Of course Sprint and T-Mobile are also the underdogs, looking for any bone they can get, so you’d expect them to be on the opposite side of Big Red and Ma Bell. I absolutely agree with T-Mobile and Sprint, and would switch to them in a heartbeat if only they had as good a network as Verizon. Everyday I have to stay with Verizon gives me an ulcer, but it’s the price I have to pay to get the best coverage, fastest speeds and top devices.

Everyone has to weigh the pros and cons when making their carrier choice, and with the recent disgust over shared data plans, Sprint is stepping up its game to let people know they don’t need to share. It may just work for them, but given their lack of LTE and spotty nationwide coverage, they’re still fighting an uphill battle.

I wish them luck, but until they can improve their network, they’re stuck relying on marketing campaigns such as the “Say No To Sharing.”