Google Play Cards Are Go! Pick Them Up At Your Local Radio Shack, Target, Or GameStop

It’s official! Google Play Gift Cards are ready to go. The first set of retailers expected to be stocking them in the upcoming weeks is as follows: Radio Shack, Target, and GameStop. We’re sure they’ll make their way to other retailers, but these three have earned official endorsement on the “About” page for Google Play Gift Cards.

This is a momentousness day for Android and its Play Store. Paid content consumption is going to surge, developers are going to reap the benefits, and consumers can enjoy gifting and receiving digital content without needing to use a credit card.

Google Play Gift Cards will be good for purchasing apps, games, music, ebooks, and more. However, they will not be good towards app subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, or hardware and accessory purchases. So yea, you won’t be able to stock pile gift cards in hope of purchasing a Nexus 7.

In order to redeem a gift card you will need a Google Wallet account (say what?). Yep, that’s the catch. Thankfully Google has made it possible for users 13-17 to set up a “Gift Card Only” Wallet account. If you’re under the age of 13, you’ll need to use a parent or guardians Wallet account (with their permission of course).

Oh yea, you’ll also need to be a resident of the U.S. (sorry international users). Let’s hope that’s the first issues Google starts working out.

I, for one, am excited and can’t wait to pick some of these up and give them away. Keep your eyes peeled for a contest, I’m bound to have these suckers in my hands soon.