Rekordbox Goes Mobile: Pioneer’s Ultimate Music Management Tool For DJs

DJs have one more tool to add to their set thanks to Pioneer and its Rekordbox app for Android and iOS. Just like the desktop software, Recordbox for mobile allows users to manage music files, which can be played back on a Pioneer DJ Player. Many professional DJs have turned to Rekordbox for their music management needs and the mobile app extends this functionality by allowing users to:

  • Transfer music files from rekordbox on your Mac/PC to this App via Wi-Fi.
  • Set memory cues/loops, hot cues/loops, and beat grids. (Please note that features such as memory cues/loops and hot cues/loops are not included in XDJ-AERO.)
  • Edit comments and rating tracks.
  • Create and edit playlists.
  • Play music files in rekordbox with Pioneer DJ products that support Wi-Fi.
  • Import existing music files from your iPhone or Android device.
  • And more!

Rekordbox is the perfect Pioneer player companion and should be downloaded by all DJs using compatible devices. For more information, hit up the Source link below or download the app from your respective app store.