ASUS Begins Pushing Jelly Bean To Transformer Pad TF300 Users

Yes, you read that title right. ASUS, the reining king of updates, has already begun pushing out Jelly Bean to Transformer Pad TF300 customers in North America. This marks the beginning of their planned Jelly Bean updates for the Transformer series, which includes other models to be announced in the near future.

If you’re running a stock (as in, you didn’t unlock the bootloader) TF300, you should be able to pull down the update by heading over to Settings > System Firmware Update > Check Update. ASUS has really outdone themselves in the update department, and to know they’re pushing out Jelly Bean while other manufacturers are struggling to get out Ice Cream Sandwich, is enough to have me sold on ASUS products.

Kudos to you ASUS!

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