Introducing Mr. Android 2011: An Infograph Of Stereotypical Proportions

We just can’t seem to escape the stereotype. Android users have commonly been seen as geeky pimple popping poor boys that don’t like to pay for anything — but is this true? Well, the crew over at Blue Stacks took it upon themselves to gather up as much information as they could through various sources such as Neilson and Facebook polls (Oh, I definitely believe these stats now). Whether or not you put any faith into these statistics, it is an interesting way to look at your average Android user. A quick look at this infograph has me breathing a sigh of relief, I’m happy to report that 78% of us have normal-sized heads (whew). What would you say are a few typical traits of an Android user? Take a look at the infograph to find out just how well you know your Android user stereotype.

So the results are in. The majority of Android users:

  • – Hail from the United States of America
  • – Have average length black hair
  • – Have normal-sized heads
  • – Wear glasses
  • – Wear t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers
  • – Use Android to play games
  • – Have a significant other

I must say, I’m proud to see that the majority of Android users have significant others (who says geeks can’t get some). I’d hate to stereotype myself, but the only trait on that list I’m missing is the black hair. Other than that — spot on! I’m disappointed there wasn’t a facial hair category. I’d really like to see the percentage of Android users sporting some sort of facial hair. How about you? How many of these rigorously researched traits do you share? Do you have the right stuff in all the right places to be considered Mr. Android 2011? Or are you the type that prefers to root yourself so that you can install a custom alien skin and freak everyone out? Yea, me too.

via Android and Me