Verizon Offering Galaxy Nexus Battery For 50% Off [Deal Alert]

Battery life on your Samsung Galaxy Nexus got you down? Well we have a deal for you. Verizon is currently offering standard Galaxy Nexus 1850mAH batteries with NFC for half off regular price. For a limited time only, you can grab that spare battery you know you’re going to need, for a mere $19.99. No one likes to get caught with their battery down, and it always seems like that “low battery” signal comes at the time you need your battery most. You can’t always get to a charger and having a spare can be a life saver. I already bought myself an extended battery, and use my standard battery as a spare.

While you can get batteries from China for half this price, it’s comforting to know you have an OEM replacement with official NFC support. With the way 4G LTE devours battery life, I’d recommend picking one up. Since it’s the standard battery, it won’t require any special backing and will easily swap out with your current battery. $19.99 is certainly better than $39.99, so act fast before Verizon realized they have something on sale.

via Droid-Life