Switch Your Family To Sprint And Receive $400 Store Credit

Sprint is looking to entice families (or individuals with numerous lines) away from their current carriers by offering an instant $400 store credit towards the purchase of “qualifying devices.” While that $400 is sure to catch your attention, it’s the “fine print” that caught mine. In order to receive this promo, you have to activate three or more lines on an Everything Data Share or Simply Everything Data plan — one of which, must be ported over from a non-Sprint company (Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Common Cents Mobile are subsidiaries of Sprint). The stipulations don’t end there.

You’ll also need to:

  • Visit a store to receive the promo
  • Sign a 2-year contract
  • Have your lines active for at least 60 days
  • Spend the entire $400 at the time of purchase

As if that wasn’t enough, the $400 credit isn’t good towards tablets, USB modems, or accessories, and… you will not be eligible to receive any qualifying rebates on devices purchased using your in-store credit.

So, assuming your contract is up (or close to up) at your current provider — you wouldn’t want to pay an ETF — you can head into your local Sprint store from August 19 through September 15, make the switch and get $400 towards some new phones.

Anyone biting?