It’s On Like Donkey Kong: Google Updates Play Store In Preparation For Gift Card Support

Boy, oh boy, what do we have here? Finally, Google is taking the Play Store to the next level by introducing Gift Card support. Android users have been waiting for this moment since they first opened the Android Market on their G1s. Lack of gift card support has been the Achilles heel of the Play Store and the main reason why Android has been unable to touch the App Store when it comes to paid content consumption. That’s all about to change thanks to a few hidden gems found within the updated Play Store apk.

When Google began pushing out an updated Play Store to some devices, Android enthusiasts became curious. There didn’t seem to be any changes on the outside, and so they began to look on the inside. What they found, was irrefutable evidence of impending support for gift cards. They also found the addition of a “Wish List,” which appears to allow users to compile a list of content they “wish” to own at some point in time.

This news is huge for Android developers and should catapult sales on all fronts. Soon parents, grandparents, friends, and everyone in between, will be able to purchase Play Store gift cards and disperse them as they please. Being able to give kids a gift card to purchase content will lift a huge weight off of the shoulders of parents and the credit cards they have linked to their kids account.

I’m guessing we’ll see this come to fruition some time before the holidays, and I couldn’t be more excited. I had a feeling this was coming after I caught wind that Google had acquired payments technology company TxVia. Guess that hunch is about to prove true.

So are you as excited as I am? You’d better be, because this means I’ll be able to start giving away Play Store gift cards to you awesome readers. I can’t wait!