Your VIZIO Co-Star Might Not Ship Today, But At Least You Can Start Learning How To Use It

For those of you who pre-ordered VIZIO’s $99 Google TV set-top box, today’s the original estimated shipping day. I have the feeling we’re not going to see any units actually ship out today, so we’re recommending you use this time to learn all about your new device before it ever hits your doorstep.

If you head over to the VIZIO store, you’ll find the complete Co-Star user manual, a quick-start guide, and a spec sheet. That’s plenty of reading material to better acquaint yourself with the ins and outs of your soon-to-be product, and judging by the diagram of the remote, enough to keep you busy for a couple days.

Happy reading, and if you get word of any Co-Stars shipping out, be sure to let us know.

Co-Star User Manual

Quick Start Guide

Spec Sheet