HTC On Schedule To Release Ice Cream Sandwich To Thunderbolt Users By The End Of The Month

Thunderbolt users have been unsure whether or not they’d be left out to dry when it comes to being updated to Android 4.0. While HTC promised many devices (including the Thunderbolt) would see Ice Cream Sandwich sometime in July/August, users are starting to get anxious, an so the doubt begins.

One user took to Facebook for affirmation, and that’s exactly what he got. After asking whether or not Ice Cream Sandwich was still coming to the Thunderbolt, HTC replied:

Hey, John! Yes, The Thunderbolt is still set to receive ICS. We’re still planning to finish updates for all announced devices by the end of August. Thanks for remaining so patient!

Now we’re assuming this means that the update will be ready to roll by the end of August, whether or not carriers hold it up is another question.

Either way, you’ve heard it from the horses mouth, expect Ice Cream Sandwich to be ready by the end of the month. Cheers!