Gameloft Teases Its First Game Using The Unreal Engine, Coming Soon To Android And iOS

Teasing mobile gamers with trailers and screenshots is nothing new for the mobile gaming giant Gameloft, however, what is new, is a trailer for their first game built off of the Unreal Engine. Gamers first caught a glimpse of the new game (that we now know is entitled Wild Blood) thanks to a sole screenshot depicting a gigantic bloody blade towering over a corpse filled battlefield. Gameloft has now followed that up with a short teaser video and a Facebook page for gamers to unravel clues about the game’s story.

The Unreal Engine is considered to be the top gaming engine available and has powered hit titles such as Gears of War and Infinity Blade. When put in the hands of a seasoned gaming developer such as Gameloft, one has to assume something epic will arise. Then again, we are talking about Gameloft.

If you fancy yourself puzzles and want to try and decipher Gameloft’s clues, hit up the Facebook link below and tell us what you find. Otherwise, enjoy the trailer and look forward to more marketing in the near future.

Source Facebook