Pre-Orders For The Kickstarter Phenomenon Ouya Now Open To Everyone

I tend to stay away from promoting devices or products that don’t really exist, but given the fact that Kickstarter phenomenon Ouya has generated so much interest and buzz, it’s kind of hard for me to ignore. Ouya ended its Kickstarter career last night, managing to raise a ridiculous $8,596,475, around 900% more than their initial goal. In case you haven’t heard of Ouya, it’s an Android gaming console concept set to rock the console industry off its high horse.

The fact that Ouya reached its initial goal in less than 24 hours was incredible, and lots of people took notice. Soon, names such as Square Enix, OnLive, and XMBC began promising support for the little console that could, adding even more steam to its fiery engine.

Now that funding has ended, it’s time for Ouya to start making good on its promise to build us a revolutionary new console. While they’re still months away from having any sort of finished product, it hasn’t stopped them from opening up pre-orders to the masses.

I guess they figure if you were too uncomfortable to support their non-existent product when it was on Kickstarter, you’ll feel more comfortable ordering it 8 months in advance. I’m not expecting those who didn’t back the project to change their minds any time soon, but if you do, here’s a link to the pre-order page for Ouya, “a new kind of gaming console.”