Save Over 50% On Philips Fidelio Android Speaker Docks At Your Local Target [Deal Alert]

While speaker docks for iDevices are a dime a dozen, Android speaker docks are few and far between, not to mention expensive. Lucky for you, Target is having an incredible sale on Philips Fidelio Android speaker docks. If you act fast and head into one of your local Target stores, you may be able to grab one at up to 56% off retail.

Two specific models appear to be on sale, the Philips Fidelio AS140/37 and Philips Fidelio AS111/37. Both feature a clock, alarm clock, FM radio, speakers and Bluetooth Capability. The AS140/37 is the larger of the two and features:

  • 2 speakers
  • 3.5mm Jack, Auxiliary and USB inputs
  • Stereo Audio
  • AC Adapter
  • $49.99 (55% off retail)

The AS111 is the smaller model, and features:

  • 1 speaker
  • USB input
  • Stereo Audio
  • AC Adapter
  • $39.99 (56% off retail)

These are pretty sweet deals for anyone looking to add a little extra bass in their place.

These deals are only good in-store, so don’t bother trying the online route. We have a feeling they won’t last too long, so hit up the links below to find out more.

Philips Fidelio AS140/37

Philips Fidelio AS111/37