Yea, About That New Motorola Device…

The Android blogosphere exploded with rumors of Motorola’s plan to unveil a new Android phone via a Facebook guessing game. I, of course, had to check it out. What I found was wording that didn’t indicate that Motorola would in fact be revealing a new device:

Let’s play a game, Guess the Smartphone. We’ll give a clue each day all week and make the big reveal on Friday. I have the power of 4G LTE. Which smartphone am I?

While everyone began shooting their theories of how this would most likely be the rumored RAZR HD, I just couldn’t help but think this was nothing more than a game to try and guess one of Motorola’s current devices. No where in the wording did Motorola ever mention this as being a “new” device.

I figured I’d hold off on posting about it until I cleared things up with Motorola. Well, I just got off the phone with a Motorola spokesperson and guess what? This is not going to be the unveiling of some new rumored Motorola device. It is, in fact, a game in which you are encouraged to try and guess the identity of a current Motorola handset.

I hope that clears a few things up. Don’t be too sad, I’m sure Motorola will indeed have a new device for us in due time. Enjoy the rest of your day.