Toshiba Thrive Owners Get Treated To Some Ice Cream Sandwich A Bit Early

Last time anyone heard from Toshiba, Ice Cream Sandwich wasn’t going to hit its 10-inch Toshiba Thrive tablet until sometime in the Fall. Luckily Toshiba realized that summer was a much more appropriate time for Ice Cream Sandwich, and has surprised Thrive users with the tasty Android treat a bit earlier than expected.

A few lucky Thrive owners began noticing the update and then it was made official in a post over at the Toshiba forums. It may not be Jelly Bean, but it’s the next best thing. If you’re still rocking your Thrive, you’re going to want to pull down the update (Apps > Service Station > Check for Updates) which not only gives you all the benefits of Android 4.0.4, but also a few extras:

  • Improved video and audio performance
  • Improved camera functions
  • Improved signal strength and connectivity