Another Nationwide 4G LTE Outage For Verizon – Three In One Month

Another bad day for Verizon and its 4G LTE network. Apparently a large number of LTE users have been experiencing a nationwide 3G/4G outage. The reports began rolling in around 11 AM and seem to be sporadic but expansive. This marks the third nationwide outage Verizon has experienced this month, and it seems to only affect users of a 4G LTE device. The reason for these outages has yet to be given, but you can be sure there are thousands of Verizon customers upset and looking for a credit.

With the number of devices sold in the past week alone, having an outage on your most marketed network, really isn’t a good way to earn customer loyalty. The worse part is how Verizon is pussyfooting around the issue and their reluctance to hand out credits to those affected. Come on Big Red, you have our money, we bought your 4G LTE devices and data plans, now man up and hand out credits for leaving customers in the dark for three days out of the month. Some people rely heavily on their 4G LTE connection and there should be no excuse for them having to eat any lost time caused by your failure to anticipate the strain of so many new devices on your “fastest and most reliable” 4G LTE network.

If you’ve suffered from the recent outage, I recommend making your voice heard by calling up Verizon and telling them you are not happy. Hopefully Verizon will get enough complaints that they will begin setting things straight for all the affected users. Let us know if you’ve experienced this latest outage and for how long you were affected.