Be The First To Find Out Who Mitt Romney Chooses As VP With “Mitt’s VP” App

The times sure are a-changin’, and we’re now in an age where political leaders are announcing running mates via mobile apps. Much like Barack Obama’s decision to announce VP running mate Joe Biden via text message, Mitt Romney has decided to announce his VP via a mobile app entitled “Mitt’s VP.”

Mitt’s VP will send users who have signed in using MyMitt or Facebook an exclusive push notification as soon as Mitt has made his decision — putting users in the front row for one of Mitt’s most important decision. They promise not even the press will know before Mitt’s VP users (unless of course the press also downloads the app).

Social media and mobile apps have become one of the largest distributors of information, and for politicians, they can make or break them with a single tweet. Anyone rooting for Mitt will surely want to be first to know, so depending on which mobile operating system you use *cough* Android *cough*, you’ll want to pick up the app from your respective app store.

Oh yea, Mitt, if you want the vote of Android users, you may want to get with the times and change that Android Market logo to a Google Play logo — just sayin’.