DODOcase Announces Their New Hand Crafted HARDcover Case For The Nexus 7

The company behind the well-known DODOcase for iPad has designed and hand crafted what they believe to be the perfect book-like case for the Nexus 7. The new design, dubbed HARDcover, features a unique reusable adhesive back to secure the Nexus 7 in place, leaving you with the ultimate form factor. This “made in the U.S.” case also features:

Protects & Disguises
Handmade in our San Francisco bookbindery by true American craftsmen and women, The HARDcover gives your Nexus 7 the look and feel of a hard-bound book.

Smart Cover Functionality
The HARDcover for Nexus 7 contains a magnet embedded in the cover that activates the tablets sleep/wake functionality.

Perch & Type Modes
Multifunctional design allows you to use the HARDcover as a stand for typing or watching videos. The included elastic clip even allows use of perch mode on slick surfaces like airplane tray tables.

Personalize your HARDcover with up to three letters stamped on the front in black or gold. Our hot foil stamping technique will deboss the letters of your choice similar to letter press.

The DODOcases have been referred to as the “Rolls Royce of cases,” and it’s not just because of their hand-crafted design — it’s also because of their price.

While the Nexus 7 cases aren’t as pricey as their iPad counterparts, they’re still a bit on the high side at $34.95. We’ve already seen plenty of $7 Kindle Fire cases turned into perfectly fitting Nexus 7 cases with a little tweaking, but I will admit, the lure of an American made product, quality craftsmanship, and a built in magnet have me sold.

There haven’t been too many “made for” Nexus 7 cases made available, and the DODOcase HARDcover looks to be a perfect fit. If you’d like more information or would like to order a DODOcase HARDcover for your Nexus 7, simply hit up the source link below and you’ll be on your way.