Airtight For Android Delivers Airplay Functionality To Your Google TV

If you’ve ever wished you could use Apple’s Airplay functionality with your Google TV, then today is your lucky day. Developer Yossie has managed to piece together a semi-functional app called Airtight. Airtight works much like Airplay (minus the actual “works” part) by allowing you to stream videos and pictures from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch directly to your TV. The app seems to still be in beta and doesn’t support many features such as:

  • – Mirroring is currently not supported
  • – Movies protected by DRM are currently not supported
  • – Music is not yet supported (but we’re looking into it)

While the app isn’t a fully functional Airplay replacement, it’s a step in the right direction (if that direction is to get sued by Apple). If you’d like to try out Airtight for Android, it’s now available in the Android Market for $0.99. The developer encourages users to send bug reports so that he can do his best to recognize any issues and get them fixed. While I have no use for such an app, I’m sure some of you do. Let us know if you try the app out, and what you think.

Android Market Link | Airtight