Samsung On Pace To Sell Over 40 Million Galaxy S III Devices By Year’s End

Shin Jong-kyun, the president of Samsung’s information technology and mobile communication division, was proud to announce that the Galaxy S III has surpassed 10 million devices sold (globally) in just under two months. Samsung not only created an amazing device, but made a wise decision to not only launch the device globally, but to make it available on all major carriers.

Since Samsung’s largest competitor, Apple, isn’t set to release their next iPhone iteration until September or October, it’s expected that the Samsung Galaxy S III will continue strong, eventually surpassing the 40 million mark by year’s end. Although the innards of the Samsung Galaxy S III vary slightly by region, it has become the top dog among Android smartphones, and as someone who has been using one for the past few weeks, I can attest to its magnificence.

Samsung continues to impress and lead the Android front, and these latest Galaxy S III sales numbers (as well as the amount of lawsuits brought against them by Apple) are a testament of their growing success. If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, I’d highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy S III, and it appears so would 10+ million others.