Verizon Q2 2012: Smartphone Adoption Up, Android Out Paces iPhone, And More

Verizon’s Q2 earnings call took place today, and while the gist of the call went something like “we’re making tons of money, money money,” there were a few interested bullet point in regards to Android and smartphones in general.

Overall smartphone adoption continues to increase (no surprise there), up 13% from last year, totaling 50% of their postpaid phone base. Of their smartphone base, Android saw the highest number of activations at 2.9 million, with Apple iPhones a close second at 2.5 million (up from 2.3 million a year ago).

Verizon was proud to report their tremendous industry lead in the 4G LTE market. In fact, of the 2.9 million Android phones activated, 2.5 million of them were 4G LTE smartphones.

We are by far the market leader in 4G LTE coverage, which is now available in 337 markets covering more than 230 million POPs, which is nearly 75% of the US population. In point of fact, we have more 4G LTE coverage than all of our competitors’ networks combined. Throughout the year, we will continue expanding our 4G LTE network, with a goal of having a nationwide footprint similar to our 3G network by mid-2013

Verizon also reported increased revenue on the data side of things, which grew 18.5% to $6.9 billion, with retail postpaid data revenue growing more than 20%. Verizon is highly focused on bleeding customers via data and even touted their new Share Everything plans, which they claim feedback for has been great (which I’m not buying). They even go as far as to say users are actively giving up their unlimited data plans in favor of the new Share Everything plans (rolls eyes).

Bottom line: Verizon knows what they’re doing and how to make money at our expense. Thankfully they use some of it to actually build and expand their network. Now if they’d only leave their crapware off our phones and unlock them for us to use as we wish. I know, fat chance.