SlingPlayer App For Android And iOS Now 50% Off

The most expensive app I’ve ever purchased is now on sale for half the price. The SlingPlayer app has been discounted by 50% across all mobile platforms and can now be had for $14.99. This deal applies to both the tablet and phone apps and is well worth the price to have your full home cable service in the palm of your hands.

Of course you’ll need a Slingbox before you’ll be able to use one of the SlingPlayer apps, so if you’ve been thinking about picking one up, now’s the time. If you’re wondering what exactly a Slingbox (or SlingPlayer for that matter) is, I encourage you to check out my Ditch Those Crappy Video Subscription Services And Grab Yourself A Slingbox SOLO [Review].

The Slingbox/SlingPlayer combo was one of the best investments I made on my mobile device and that’s when the app was a full $30. You can grab the discounted SlingPlayer app from your respective app store below. Cheers!