Motorola Slims Down Price Of MOTOACTV By $100, Hopes $149.99 Is A Better Fit

We all want to be healthy and fit, don’t we? And being the geeks that we are, if we’re going to be forced outside to exercise, we want to at least be able to take some form of high tech contraption with us. That’s where the MOTOACTV by Motorola comes in.

This wearable GPS fitness tracker with smart MP3 player, heart rate monitor and more, makes for an excellent fitness accessory. However, up until today, the MOTOACTV was a bit on the pricey side. Thankfully, Motorola has decided to slim down the price by a whopping $100, making it a highly attractive accessory relative to its competitors.

If you’ve been interested in the MOTOACTV but put off by its price, now’s the time to act. Motorola is currently offering up the MOTOACTV and all its fitness features for $149.99. That’s the price for the 8GB model, so if that’s not enough space for your music collection, you might want to pony up for the 16GB version — which is only another $50.

The MOTOACTV has tons of features and accompanying apps for all walks of sport life, so I recommend hitting up the source link for more info on what’s new, and what it is you’ll be gaining if you plop down $149.99 for this digital trainer.