Skype Acknowledges “Rare” Bug Causing Some Messages To Be Sent To Unintended Contacts

You might want to hold off on the sexting via Skype for a bit, as Skype has acknowledge a “rare” bug, which according to complaints on Skype support, appears to send messages to unintended contacts. The Skype team has already responded and plans on pushing out a fix soon.

“We are aware that in rare circumstances IM’s between two contacts could be sent to an unintended third contact. We are rolling out a fix for this issue in the next few days and will notify our users to download an updated version of Skype.”

The question remains: “how many have been affected?” While Skype was only made aware of the bug thanks to a handful of users who actually noticed it, it’s possible that thousands of users could have unknowingly had their messages sent to another person — who may not even be a contact of theirs!

While I always adhere to the belief that whatever I do over the internet (or any other form of communication) is most likely not private, it’s still a major concern for consumers who put their trust in services such as Skype.

I’m happy about their quick response to the issue, and hopefully that fix will be pushed out sooner than “soon,” but it serves as a reminder that the best way to ensure your privacy remains safe, is to, well… keep it private.